Kelly Atkinson

With the South Carolina Lowcountry as an inspiring backdrop, I am always longing to paint the beauty of life around me with brush and canvas. Since graduating from Queens University in Charlotte, NC with a BA in Business and a minor emphasis in Art, my life journey has taken me through the winding road of marriage, motherhood, shop owner, art student and teacher. I have had the pleasure of being a muse to many artists that have joined my Open Studio art classes at Island Art Gallery in Pawleys Island, SC since 2010. I am always humbled and amazed at the work that is produced by my students with just a little encouragement to express themselves. I am also always a student myself, seeking to further my knowledge of art and art history through classes and workshops, researching and reading about artists of the past and present and learning from fellow artists at Island Art Gallery of which I now share ownership.

I enjoy working in watercolor, oil and pastel, as I paint anything from the sandy beaches of Pawleys Island to the farmland of Williamsburg County. I also enjoy doing portraiture and have been blessed with three great sons who have often become my subject matter!