My Palette on Paper

July 28th, 2016, watercolor

This painting evolved after an unsuccessful day of painting in the studio—-just couldn’t find my inspiration that random day in July–specifically Thursday the 28th.  After pondering the state of affairs of my workspace, I stood on my stool and took a picture.  Excited about the colors on my palette I proceeded to paint the palette on my paper first, then I actually put the paint on my drawn palette and completed the rest of the painting using it! Many changes to my workspace kept introducing new subject matter and distractions to my actual painting—half full coffee mug, tangerine peal left from a mid-morning snack and my growing to-do list.  The painting now serves as a memoir of what was going on that day–a tumultuous election year and many obligations that day, according to my to-do list, making it very hard to focus on completing a painting in preparation for an upcoming show.   It did get completed and make its way to the Georgetown County Watercolor Show where it recieved Honorable Mention!